Industrial cases

Cases/boxes are used for transporting goods over long distances. They play a clue role in reducing damages to the goods. Due to the fact, that loads places in boxes are being protected against shocks, this type of package is especially important in the sea transport.

PPUH Company LTD focuses on the production of boxes for large machinery and equipment.

Boxes are manufactured based on the technical drawings received from customers.

­Technical data

Species of wood pine, spruce, larch, oak, beech
Humidity naturally dried or with a moisture content of 18% +/-2% or dried according to client’s requirements
Width min 400 mm – max 2400 mm (or other, upon the client’s request)
Length min 400 mm – max 6000 mm (or other, upon the client’s request)
Country of origin Poland
Certificate ISPM-15


Pallets, wood packaging, biomass